Company values

Trekking is not a preferred choice for many when comes to vacations, tours and travel. But there is a group in the market that would love to trek and visit places that are not often visited by many and that which is sparsely populated but is very popular for some reason. Why not try visiting such places this time? Need help to know more about them and also about the trip to such places?

Do not worry for we are here to guide you through the entire thing; ward-off all your confusions and dilemmas clearly. We at Kandoo adventurers, try to first enlighten our customers with details of the places we arrange a trekking to and also give details about the various trekkers we have with us in guiding our customers.

So visiting our website will not only talk about the different places but also about the trekkers who would be guiding you if you choose to travel with us. We believe such information would give you confidence and a better understanding of us. We also give route maps to all places in our websites highlighting the best, short and the safest route and this again is a prompt, a clarity that would make you feel comfortable with us.

The rates for all our trekking trips are all fixed and we have had it designed taking into consideration the affordability of the customers and at the same time the need and demands of the trip. We will provide things necessary for the trip and you can be rest assured that all the gadgets are all of the good quality, high branded ones that would assure double safety in case of contingencies. So with us, you are going to be safe; we ensure to give you a dream-cum-true experience and this you will experience and understand after your first encounter and trip with us.